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How to Save Money and Keep the Cell Phone Provider You Love

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) shows that more and more Americans are opting for smaller cell phone providers in order to save big money. If you’re with a major company and like your service, however, you may be feeling stuck with a huge monthly bill. Check out this guidance for saving while keeping your […]

Government Taxes are the Reason Your Cell Phone Costs are Increasing

Does it surprise you to know that average cell phone bills are down by nearly 25 percent compared to ten years ago? It’s true! Unfortunately, government tax rates on cellular service are increasing, making your bill much higher. Read on to learn more about this phenomenon. Image via Flickr/GotCredit Continue to original source.

Lower You Cell Phone Bill with these Ten Tips

Do you feel like you’re paying a small fortune for your cell phone service each month? According to J.D. Power, the average bill is now up to $157 per month. You’re not without options, though – use these ten tips to lower your cell phone bill right now. Image via Flickr/Jason Kenny Continue to original […]

Money Saving Tips for Senior Citizens in Retirement

When you’ve reached retirement, you’ve likely accomplished one or more of your financial goals. Still, since life expectancies are rising and more and more seniors are outliving their retirement savings, it pays to remain vigilant. Read on for expert tips on how to be frugal while still enjoying retirement. Image via Flickr/OTA Photos Continue to […]

Unusual Money Saving Tips for Senior Citizens

One of the most common concerns among older Americans is outliving their retirement savings. You can protect yourself against this fate by continuing to be fiscally responsible in your later years. These twenty tips for saving money are a bit unusual, but they may just be the difference between a relaxing retirement and continued financial […]

19 Ways for Millennials to Save Money

Saving money in your twenties can be difficult, especially if you’re stuck in a low-wage job and making student loan payments. However, socking money away in this decade of life sets you up for a lucrative future. Check out these 19 suggestions for saving money even when it seems impossible. Image via Flickr/Elizabeth Hahn Continue […]